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Spiritual Development Circles

Spiritual Development Circles

Spiritual Foundations Weekend

Join me for a fun and immersive weekend as we build strong foundations for Spiritual growth.

✨DISCOVER how to connect with your soul and listen for guidance.

✨ UNLOCK your conection to the Spirit World, as I teach you how to successfully connect and communicate with Spirit.

✨INVITE your Spirit Team in and learn how to work with them.

✨ EXPLORE the Spirit World as we take an astral journey together to explore an Energetic place of connection and learning.

✨ UNCOVER the Spiritual being that you are as we unfold your abilities and connect you with a vibrant community of like-minded people to share your experiences with.

You will walk away from the weekend with all the tools you need to create strong Spiritual foundations, the confidence to connect in by yourself and the inspiration to continue your Spiritual journey.

Places are limited to ensure each person receives individual attention and support during the weekend. Click here to book your place and let’s walk the Spiritual path together!

Date: Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January

Time: 10m to 4pm (both days)

Investment: $440 (including GST) – Monthly payment plan available (3 x $146.50 plus $5 processing fee).

All tools required for the weekend will be supplied. Please bring a journal, a pen and an open heart.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey forward.

Sonia xx

Spiritual Foundations Weekend
Mediumship Circle

Mediumship Circle

Sitting in Circle is a crucial part of developing your mediumship, whether you are beginning your journey, walking your Spiritual path for self-growth and enjoyment or are a practicing medium.

During the eight week program, we will be working on:

  • Building and strengthening your connection with Spirit
  • Making stronger connections with your Spirit Team
  • The Past life connection – understanding how to tune into your own past lives and those of others.
  • Soul to Soul readings
  • The wonderful world of trance for mediumship and healing
  • Exploring different types of reading techniques to find the method that suits you best.

Class groups are kept small, so that you receive individual attention and each student is closely monitored, so you feel comfortable with the subject matter and are working at a speed that feels right for you.

This Circle is suited to individuals that can comfortably connect with Spirit and receive messages. If you are unsure if this circle is right for you, please email me at so we can have a chat and find the best option for you.

If you are ready to prioritize your Spiritual practice – come and join me!

Circle runs on Monday evenings for eight weeks at Merkaba Studio (15 Mills Street, Cheltenham, Victoria) from 7pm to 9pm commencing on Monday 5th February 2024.

Investment: $449 (including GST)

Payment Plan Available (scroll to bottom of booking page to access payment plans).

I look forward to supporting you on your Spiritual journey forward.

Sonia xx

Online Spiritual Exploration Circle

Join me for a six week exploration of some of my favourite Spiritual practices and places. During the circle, we will discover ancient civilizations; connect to our Guides; explore past lives and their influence on our lives today and more. There will also be time to sit together to expand our connection with Spirit and opportunities to bring through messages from Spirit.

This circle is suitable for individuals that have some Spiritual experience and are comfortable getting into the power by themselves. If you are unsure whether this circle will suit you, please email me at so we can organise a chat.

Circle Commencement: Next Circle commences Thursday February 22nd 2024 . Class will run from 7pm-9pm (6 weeks) via Zoom (Aust Eastern Time).

Circle Investment: $340 (including GST) for 6 weeks ( monthly payment plan available at the bottom of the booking page).

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What People Are Saying about the Circles

"Sonia is a powerful Spiritual mentor, who operates with the highest integrity. One of the things I love about her, is the depth of her teachings and the fact that she practices with no ego, nor does she allow it in her circles".

- Anne K

“The journey with Sonia is relaxed, fun, supportive and for me, a very special place to be. Unconditional encouragement all through the course. Putting any doubts to rest and bringing out the best. I’m excited about next term too.”

- Karen P

“I’ve participated in one of Sonia’s circles and highly recommend. It was so much fun. Sonia is very supportive and some lasting friendships have been made with the group members.”

- Sue B

“Thanks so much for this term. Loved to have a safe space to discuss what’s been on my mind for months. Sonia - every week was so engaging and I’ve learnt so many new things, loved every single week.”

- Mark D

A circle is a great opportunity to practice your skills in a supportive environment. When we attend a workshop, we generally walk away with some new tools but find it difficult to practice these new skills. Circle provides a place to not only add to your toolkit, but practice the skills you have already developed.

We start each session with a cup of tea as we settle into the space. I will then open the circle and speak about the themes for the evening. If there are teachings to impart, this will occur next. We will then take a quick break to fill up our cups and then dive into practicing; whether that is small group readings, meditations, games or group energy sessions. As our time together draws to an end, I will close the circle, then give you time to ask any questions you have that have come up during the session or popped up during the week.

Before you arrive, my team of Spirit guides and healers prepare the space energetically. As it is a learning space, I will put protection around the space (whether in person or online) and call in Spiritual teachers to assist with the themes of the circle that evening. Merkaba Studio has a very carefully curated energy and set of guides of its own that boost the protection and raise the vibration to assist with Spiritual connection.

I remember the first time I had to read for someone in a public space. I was terrified! I understand how scary it is to open to Spirit and share this with others. Circle is a safe space for you to explore the Spirit world knowing that you will be supported. I am always on hand to sit with you and guide you through the experience. When you come to circle, you will find a like-minded group of kind-hearted, fellow Spiritual seekers. Circle is all about building confidence through positive experiences. If you approach circle with an open heart and mind, you will be amazed at what will happen.

Most people that join circle are there to expand their understanding and connection with Spirit. My focus is on supporting you on your Spiritual journey, whether that leads you. For some, it will lead to an amazing connection with Spirit that ignites their soul; for others, it will be intuitive skills to take through their daily lives; or the tools to heal themselves; and for some, the foundation to build a successful career as a Spiritual worker. Each person comes to circle with different goals and expectations. Spiritual connection is like a fingerprint, no two are the same. So, whatever your journey forward, I will be there to support you to find the right path and the confidence to move forward with your journey.