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Readings and Healings

Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings and Intuitive Healings are available both online and in-person from my workroom at Merkaba Studio in Cheltenham, Victoria.


Gain clarity about an issue or situation in your life that is weighing on you. Ask for guidance with career, family or relationships. A Spiritual guidance session (also known as a psychic reading) will help you understand emotional, physical and spiritual factors that relate to your questions, giving you a clearer perspective to take the next steps forward.


Allow me to connect you with your loved one’s in Spirit. During a mediumship reading, I will tune into the Spirit world and ask your family and ask your loved one’s to step forward. Using my psychic senses and unique language of images, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes, I will bring forward evidential information from your loved one’s. During the mediumship reading, I will be providing evidence from their life, passing on messages and providing you with that connection to your loved one once again. Love never dies and a reading will show you just how close your loved one’s are to you.


The session is guided by you – you may choose to do a blended reading, where a portion of the session is devoted to Spiritual guidance and another portion to mediumship. When you arrive, I will ask you how you would like the session to run and we will go from there.


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