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Find out about the upcoming mediumship development workshops, Spiritual development courses and energy healing courses. All workshops and courses listed here are one or two day events.

Are you a beginner and looking to step into the world of Spirit? or are you wanting to build on your knowledge base? No matter what your ability, there is a Spiritual workshop or course for you.

If you are looking for a circle to join, I can help! Click here to move to the Circles and Classes page and find out about the upcoming online and in-person mediumship development and exploration circles.


I offer a range of psychic and mediumship development workshops to help you unfold your skillset and embrace the world of Spirit.

Come on a journey with me and I will help you uncover the best way for you to work with Spirit and explore new areas of the Spirit realm; from the Akashic Records, to trance mediumship, to harnessing Atlantean energy or astral travel. All Spiritual workshops and courses are run in a safe and supportive environment, with fun and connection the focus.


From Pellowah Practitioner Courses, to Reiki Certification Courses to using your intuitive skillset to heal, I offer a range of intuitive healing workshops to allow you to understand how to use energetic practices to provide clarity, connection and healing for others and yourself.


All in-person Melbourne courses take place at Merkaba Studio in Cheltenham. Click here to view the gorgeous space and find out more about its location and offerings.

Workshops, Courses and Special Events

Your Spiritual Voice Retreat - June 2024

Your Spiritual Voice Retreat - June 2024

We all have a Spiritual voice within us…..

It’s the way we wish we would have answered a question….

It’s the powerful feeling when we express ourselves with authenticity….

When we have those meaningful conversations…..

It’s that quite wistful knowing in the background we all wish we would have listened to……

It’s time to bring that Spiritual Voice forward and learn to weave it into our everyday lives.

No matter who we are, what we do or where we come from; we can feel more fulfilled, stronger in ourselves and better represented if we learn to integrate our Spiritual voice into everyday life; whether we are giving a presentation, speaking to our children or having inner dialogue. Using our Spiritual voice allows us to lean on the knowledge of our past, the wisdom of our soul and the awareness of our emotional self to interact with the world in a more authentic and wholistic manner.

So join me for this three-day retreat where I will teach you how to connect in and harness your Spiritual voice in your everyday life, so you can express your whole self in a deeply meaningful way and feel the power of being authentic to the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical being you are.

Thursday 13th June 6pm to Sunday 16th June 2pm 2024.

Monthly payment plans are available for all retreat options.

For a full retreat brochure or to ask any questions, email Sonia at

Spiritual Foundations Weekend

Spiritual Foundations Weekend

Join me for a fun and immersive weekend as we build strong foundations for Spiritual growth.

✨DISCOVER how to connect with your soul and listen for guidance.

✨ UNLOCK your conection to the Spirit World, as I teach you how to successfully connect and communicate with Spirit.

✨INVITE your Spirit Team in and learn how to work with them.

✨ EXPLORE the Spirit World as we take an astral journey together to explore an Energetic place of connection and learning.

✨ UNCOVER the Spiritual being that you are as we unfold your abilities and connect you with a vibrant community of like-minded people to share your experiences with.

You will walk away from the weekend with all the tools you need to create strong Spiritual foundations, the confidence to connect in by yourself and the inspiration to continue your Spiritual journey.

EVERYBODY has the opportunity to learn and walk their own Spiritual path and this workshop is open to everyone.

Places are limited to ensure each person receives individual attention and support during the weekend. Click here to book your place and let’s walk the Spiritual path together!

Date: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May

Time: 10m to 4pm (both days)

Investment: $440 (including GST) – Monthly payment plan available (3 x $146.50 plus $5 processing fee).

All tools required for the weekend will be supplied. Please bring a journal, a pen and an open heart.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey forward.

Sonia xx