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Intuitive Healing Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing sessions can reduce stress, restore energetic flow, provide relief from anxiety and increase general wellbeing.

As a Reiki Master teacher; Pellowah Practitioner and Teacher (Level 3); Akashic Record reader; and Alchemical Healing devotee, I find the best mix of practices to provide the optimal energy healing for you.

As all sessions are intuitive, I let your mind, body and soul guide me to the best solution for you. I start with an assessment of your current state using Medical Intuition. I then work with my team of Guides and Spiritual Healers to determine the best approach to your healing.

The healing will conclude with a debrief of what I have found during the session and I will provide you with some steps forward to allow you to get the most benefit out of our session together.

If you are interested in learning about energy healing or taking a class, click here to learn more about the opportunities I offer.

To find out more about the space I work from, Merkaba Studio, click here.

Sessions are available for individuals of all ages. The youngest client I have had is 4 months old and the oldest 92 years old. Energy healing is for everyone! You also do not need to be Spiritual to experience a healing, clients who do not consider themselves Spiritual have had great results from sessions.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Clients that have come to see me have reported physical, emotional and spiritual benefits from a healing session.

Most common benefits include:

  • Stress relief, improvements in breathing
  • The lifting of grief
  • A quietening of the mind
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improvements in mood

What to Expect

As you arrive into the healing space, you will notice that the lights are dimmed and there is soft etheric music playing in the background.

I will welcome you up onto the healing bed, where I will place a bolster under your knees and a big soft blanket over you. This is the keep you warm and comfortable during the session.

As I hand you an eye pillow, I will explain what will happen during the session and what to expect. Some people see flashes of light or colour, some get images, some feel temperature changes or sensations – some feel nothing at all and that’s okay too. Each experience is as unique as the soul coming in to receive the healing.

The healing will happen no matter how busy your mind is, what you did beforehand or how relaxed you are during the session. All you are there to do is receive and your body will do so if you are open to receiving it.

When the healing is finished, I will pop out and pour you a cup of tea as you move from the bed to the armchairs. As you sip your tea, I will walk you through what I discovered during your healing and provide some homework for you to ensure you get the most benefit out of our time together.