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As a Spiritual worker, my goal is to provide you with the confidence to move forward; connection with your loved ones; and clarity of mind, body and soul.

As a Spiritual development coach, I provide a safe and supportive environment to explore the world of Spirit, unfold your abilities and help you to build a support network of like-minded people around you.

So, whether you are looking for some clarity in your life, to speak to your loved one’s that have passed or walk your Spiritual path – I will be there to support you in achieving this, so you can walk forward with confidence, clarity and connection to yourself and Spirit.

My Services

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Psychic Mediumship Readings

Mediumship/Spiritual Advisory

Let me help you reconnect with your loved one’s in Spirit, receive guidance to help you move forward in your life, or connect in with your soul to help walk your true path.

Spiritual Development Coaching

Spiritual Development Coaching and Circles

Let me help you walk your own Spiritual path in a fun and supportive environment. Build your Spiritual foundation and learn to expand and explore psychic, mediumship, healing and energy work to a professional level.

Energy Healing

Intuitive Healing

Allow me to refresh and restore your energetic body through an intuitive healing using the practices of Reiki, Pellowah, Akashic and Alchemical healing.

What to Expect

What to Expect

When we meet, you will be warmly greeted and know instantly that you have come to see a grounded Spiritual worker.

I start each session explaining the process, how I work and what to expect – whether you have come for a spiritual guidance/mediumship reading, a healing or a soul path reading.

I am an evidential medium, focused on bringing through solid, tangible information that provides confirmation from your loved ones in Spirit to allow you to continue the healing process knowing that your loved ones are still with you.

When providing Spiritual advice, the guidance is for your highest good, whether it’s business, relationship, career or personal growth advise (or a combination of all of these). You will leave your session with advise you can translate into your daily life (and generally some homework to assist you on your path).


Upcoming Class And Event Schedule

Pellowah 1 and 2 – Energy Healing Course – Melbourne

Learn an intuitive and high-vibrational energy healing modality to share with your clients and friends.

Spiritual Foundations Weekend

Spiritual Foundations Weekend


7 Sep

Build strong Spiritual foundations - Connect with your Spirit Team - Astral Journeying

Based on 22 reviews
Helen Bernard
Helen Bernard
16. November, 2022.
Sonia many thanks for our session today. For me it was amazing as you gave me back direction, clarity and a new path for me to look forward too. I felt at ease and comfortable being in your space. Thank you for your welcoming spirit. Best of all your accuracy, the validation was so important for me. I left feeling inspired and energised. Helen B
Aine O'Donnell
Aine O'Donnell
21. October, 2021.
Sonia is truly gifted. I came away from my session feeling validated, aligned and totally on track. Her accuracy was absolutely astounding. I can’t recommend Sonia enough. Thank you so much
Odille Barry
Odille Barry
17. October, 2021.
Sonia is a beautiful, amazing, and fun soul. Sonia holds a safe and nurturing space for her protégés and this in turn allows for us to explore, learn and practice our new found skills. Sonia brings in playful exercises and experiences and explain how to use and hone these tools. She welcomes you as you are, and her circles allow for us to grow and align with our true self. During my individual coaching session with her, she worked with me, highlighting my strengths and how to turn any weaknesses into an asset that can help me in my journey. Set your goals for without them you cannot go far, yes chef Sonia ❤❤❤ She’s full of wisdom and respect. She is diplomatic yet kindhearted. Sonia you are authentic, pure and generous light being. From deep my inner temple, my heart, thank you for your support, nudges and trust in me. Fly fly fly, learn learn learn and elevate elevate elevate, Sonia.
Deanna Novak
Deanna Novak
28. September, 2021.
Sonia was fantastic! She is funny and warm and makes you feel comfortable from the get go. She instantly felt and bought up a lot of things going on in my life that no one could possibly ever know and also had some really good advice or “homework” as such to take away from the session to help improve certain issues. I honestly wanted the session to go for longer once we got into it and will definitely be booking in to speak with her again in the future.
Mumma Fly
Mumma Fly
12. September, 2021.
What incredible reading, everything I'm going through and creating came up! Sonya has a very different approach that I just loved and resonated with. Can't wait for my next reading. I highly recommend Sonya to anyone in need of her amazing talent!
Maddy Nicole
Maddy Nicole
12. September, 2021.
Had my first session ever with Sonia and my oh my how it has changed me for the better. She was so on point with everything and really helped me to start healing myself. I can’t wait for my next session
11. September, 2021.
Sonia is truly awe-inspiring. I have had both readings and healings from Sonia and each time I have been blown away. The insights I received were profound. Among many other words of wisdom, Sonia gave me guidance with a job opportunity I was contemplating which has turned out to be everything she suggested it could be and has fit perfectly into my life. Sonia’s healings are transcendent and leave you with a feeling of renewed energy and strength. I have treasured her healings so much, I have recommended many family members to Sonia - all having wonderful results. I can not recommend this amazingly wise woman highly enough. Enjoy! Danica x
Zoe St Hill-Warren
Zoe St Hill-Warren
7. September, 2021.
Sonia was amazing! So accurate and in tune with the spirit world and my energy. She was able to give concise detail of some questions I had. I will be telling all of my friends to go to her. Thank you Sonia.

“A Medium’s Journey” Podcast.

Join me as we walk the Spiritual path together.
A down to earth discussion about the challenges, triumphs and confronting moments we all have on this journey.

Join me and let's walk the Spiritual path together!

Spiritual Circles and Classes

Circles for 2024 are now available for booking!
Whether you are starting your Spiritual journey or are looking to take your Spiritual skills to the next level, come and join our supportive community, focused on bringing out the best in each other, serving Spirit and having fun along the way.

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Your Spiritual Voice Retreat - June 2024 - Trentham, Victoria

Your Spiritual Voice Retreat - June 2024 - Trentham, Victoria

We all have a Spiritual voice within us…..

It’s the way we wish we would have answered a question….

It’s the powerful feeling when we express ourselves with authenticity….

When we have those meaningful conversations…..

It’s that quite wistful knowing in the background we all wish we would have listened to……

It’s time to bring that Spiritual Voice forward and learn to weave it into our everyday lives.

No matter who we are, what we do or where we come from; we can feel more fulfilled, stronger in ourselves and better represented if we learn to integrate our Spiritual voice into everyday life; whether we are giving a presentation, speaking to our children or having inner dialogue. Using our Spiritual voice allows us to lean on the knowledge of our past, the wisdom of our soul and the awareness of our emotional self to interact with the world in a more authentic and wholistic manner.

So join me for this four-day retreat where I will teach you how to connect in and harness your Spiritual voice in your everyday life, so you can express your whole self in a deeply meaningful way and feel the power of being authentic to the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical being you are.

Thursday 13th June to Sunday 16th June 2024.

Individual Readings and Healings

Gain clarity

Move forward with purpose

Connect with loved one’s in Spirit

Restore your body with an Energy Healing

Individual Readings and Healings